The transport sector is quite varied due to the transport vehicles themselves (trains, buses, airplanes etc.) and the transport premises (stations, depots etc.).

When it comes to ensuring the people you allow on your transport and in your premises are safe, there is a lot to take into account.

Fire risks for transport

The transport sector comes with unique fire risks that should be dealt with cautiously.

Fire risks for transport include:

  • Fuel; which is a highly flammable substance is used in vehicles
  • Flammable materials; such as fabric seats in the vehicles
  • Arson attacks; vehicles or busy transport premises can be a target for deliberate fires
  • Electrical equipment; such as TVs installed on planes, if these appliances are faulty or misused they can start a fire

Preventing fire hazards for transport

There are a number of preventable fire safety measures you should have in place to minimise any fire risks to your transport business.

Fire risk assessment

Carrying out a fire risk assessment for your transport service or premises is crucial in the prevention of a fire.

A fire risk assessment will identify any fire hazards you have on your transport premises, for example, fuel being stored incorrectly. This also allows you to make necessary improvements to ensure your transport is safe for those using your service.

Fire safety equipment

All transport services should have the correct essential fire safety equipment on their premises and in their vehicles.

Fire alarms and fire extinguishers are essential fire safety equipment needed as this will alert everyone of a fire and provide a way to extinguish the fire.

It is, however, important to know when you can get involved in protecting the people using your service, and when it should be down to a professional or the emergency services.

Fire safety training

Knowing what fire safety equipment to use for the fire presented is crucial. For example, You don’t want yourself or your employees to aggravate a fire by using the wrong fire extinguisher.

Training will provide you with the knowledge of the best fire safety practices for the transport sector, including how to use fire safety equipment and fire safety procedures such as fire evacuations.

Keep your transport fire-safe

Although vehicles are great in many ways, they do come with fire risks that can be fatal. And as the person responsible for the safety of people using your transport service, you should be keeping your business fire-safe.

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