Stadiums come in all sizes, some with the capacity to hold hundreds, and others thousands. However, even the smaller stadiums will be filled with a decent amount of people who will be sat or stood within close proximity to each other.

Ensuring the safety of such a large number of people is the responsibility of the owner/manager of the stadium.

Fire risks in a stadium

With so many people to look after at your venue, knowing the fire risks is crucial to ensuring the safety of your visitors, you and your employees, and the property itself.


Stadiums being full of hundreds to thousands of people create quite an atmosphere. Sometimes this atmosphere is friendly, and other times not so much.

And this may be why arson is a fire risk to take into account for stadiums. For example, football stadiums have rivalry fans, which could provoke behaviour such as arson to occur.

Electrical appliances

Although stadiums are quite simplistic at times, there are still electrical appliances involved. And sometimes electrical appliances are a big part of the event.

For example, DJ sets/musical equipment is commonly used in stadiums and these electrical appliances if faulty or not used correctly can start a fire in your stadium.

Preventing fire hazards in stadiums

There are a few ways in which you can protect your visitors, employees and your property as much as possible from a fire.

Preventable fire measures for stadiums include:

Fire risk assessment

You need to know what fire risks are present at your stadium to be able to prevent a fire from breaking out in the first place. For a stadium this could be something such as a poorly designed evacuation procedure.

You will then be able to improve the safety of your environment by implementing the recommended actions. This is an important part of fire prevention which should be taken seriously and carried out by a professional.

Fire safety equipment

To be able to protect everyone at your stadium and to minimise damage to your property, having the essential fire safety equipment is a must.

Fire alarms and fire extinguishers are crucial for minimising a fire that has broken out. Everyone will be alerted that a fire has broken out, and nearby staff can put the fire out before it spreads.

Fire safety training

To truly keep your visitors, staff and property safe from a fire, having the correct training is imperative. To be able to fight a fire, you and your employees should know what equipment to use (what fire extinguisher is best for the type of fire present).

Also, training involves learning about thorough fire safety procedures, such as a fire evacuation. This is particularly important for stadiums as there are hundreds/thousands of people in a confined space and being able to control the crowd and get them out safely isn’t as straightforward as it may seem.

Keep your stadium fire-safe

Now that you know the fire risks and what preventable methods are available to ensure the safety of your stadium, it’s time you implement them in your premises.

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