Portable Fire Extinguisher Supply & Servicing

We service and supply all types of fire extinguisher to the British Standard BS5306. Our Fireline engineers are fully qualified to inspect and service portable fire extinguishers. Extinguishers that are not maintained annually to the British Standard are no longer considered compliant.



Portable Fire Extinguisher Supply & Servicing

Fire Extinguisher Servicing Sussex

Correct maintenance and servicing of your fire extinguishers not only gives great peace of mind, but it’s also a legal requirement. Fire extinguishers should be serviced once a year to conform with fire safety regulations and at Fireline, we offer the premier fire extinguisher servicing Sussex has to offer.

Service & Supply

We service and supply all types of fire extinguisher to the British Standard BS5306. Our Fireline engineers are fully qualified to inspect and service portable fire extinguishers. Fireline that is not maintained annually to the British Standard is no longer considered compliant.

Fire safety legislation requires that a fire extinguisher servicing should be carried out at least once a year. For companies seeking the most reliable way of ensuring this happens, a call to Morgan Fire Protection will offer the ideal solution.

Complying With Legislation

By law, fire extinguishers should be tested every 12 months. We provide very competitive prices on fire extinguisher servicing and maintenance compared to other companies operating in Southampton and the surrounding areas.

We will arrange to undertake the required inspections of all relevant equipment and then offer informed advice you of any action necessary to keep your equipment in good working order. We can service all types of fire extinguishers all at fixed prices with no hidden extras.

Fire extinguisher servicing, maintenance and installation

Not only are fire extinguishers an essential fire fighting tool, but they are also a legal requirement.

Fire extinguishers must be fit for operation whenever needed, and their regular checking is part of existing fire safety legislation under the Fire Safety Order and a crucial requirement for many insurers.

Wide Range of Services Available

The services available from Fireline will help to ensure that your business is equipped for protection from fire:

  • Fire extinguisher supply and installations
  • Fire extinguisher servicing and maintenance (inc re-filling)
  • Supplying a variety of types, sizes and weights from leading manufacturers with a warranty, including Water, CO2, Dry Powder and Wet Chemical fire extinguishers

For more on our fire extinguisher related services, please click here.

A Team You Can Trust

Based in Dorset but with a regional network of engineers, we are able to carry out work throughout the UK. We have engineers strategically placed to cover the following areas: Dorchester, Basingstoke, Bournemouth, Chelmsford, Crewkerne, Gatwick and Eastbourne. We also have a number of contracts with larger groups that require national coverage across multiple sites. Please get in touch to request a complimentary site survey and quotation.

At Fireline, we have built a solid reputation with our customers at the heart of what we do. Our philosophy has been, and always will be, to offer the best possible service to our customers, which we achieve through fully qualified engineers and our valued staff who are essential in what we are building.

Fireline is renowned for the quality of the products and service we offer and our aim is to look after and keep our customers. Using the latest technology, every engineer operates with a PDA keeping customer records up to date in real-time, which every customer has private access to.

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Under the British Standard, an extended service - otherwise known as discharge testing - is to be carried out at stipulated intervals. For water, foam, dry powder or wet chemical extinguishers, this is every 5 years. CO2 extinguishers require extended servicing every 10 years. In the case of powder or CO2 extinguishers, you will be offered a service exchange unit which is more practical and economical than emptying and refilling the contents.

Our Service Department will remind you when your annual service is due and make the necessary arrangements for an engineer to visit. Furthermore, we operate an online database which means your servicing and equipment records (including manufacturer, year of manufacture, next test discharge date and each extinguisher's location) is maintained in our database, to which you will also have access. This is particularly beneficial if you are a multi-site company, as at a glance you can see in real-time when sites are due a service.

Click here for a printable chart detailing Fire Extinguisher Types and When to Use Them.


Process of Commissioning

Commissioning of a new or refurbished extinguisher should be carried out by a competent person. After removal from its packaging and transit protection, and immediately before being placing in its designated location, the extinguisher must undergo the sequence of commissioning service actions described in British Standards, with the safety precautions being carefully observed.

In the event that the manufacturer has not marked the mass of the extinguisher or a nominal range of mass for the extinguisher, the competent person should consult the manufacturer’s workshop manual for that model or contact the manufacturer to obtain this information.
When all of these checks have been satisfactorily completed, the extinguisher should be installed and positioned in accordance with BS 5306-8

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