Gyms, spas, swimming pools, cafés, restaurants and more, leisure centres have a lot going on.

And with so much going on, and a variety of equipment used for each room, there’s a lot to take into account for the safety of your guests and staff. And fire safety is one of them.

Fire risks at leisure centres

With so much going on, it can be hard to tell what the fire risks are. We have put together the most common fire risks associated with leisure centres below.

Electrical Appliances

Leisure centres are full of electrical appliances. There are usually computers at reception, gym equipment, TVs, vending machines and more.

Electrical appliances can cause a fire risk if misused or if they are faulty.


Most leisure centres have some kind of kitchen/catering facilities, whether a canteen, café or restaurant, which quite obviously pose a fire risk.

Kitchen appliances such as deep fryers, fridges and open flames for hobs can be a fire hazard if not used correctly.

Preventing fire hazards at leisure centres

Like any workplace that accommodates a large number of people at once, fire safety measures should be taken seriously.

Fire risk assessment

A fire risk assessment is designed to greatly prevent the risk of a fire starting in the first place. It does this by first establishing what the fire hazards are, which could be faulty gym equipment for example.

Once a fire risk assessment has been carried out, a plan on how to minimise those risks as much as possible can be made with recommendations that should be carried out by you.

Fire safety equipment

There is certain fire safety equipment that your leisure facility will need to prevent fire risks and to minimise any damage in the event of a fire.

Fire safety equipment for leisure facilities includes:

  • Fire alarms; to alert guests and staff of a fire
  • Fire extinguishers; in areas of your leisure facility that need them most (with the appropriate fire extinguisher for the type of fire likely to occur in that given room)

Fire safety training

Working in an environment with a variety of different rooms with separate fire risks, it’s vital that your staff are trained in fire safety to ensure the most appropriate action is taken.

Knowing which class of fire extinguisher to use for the type of fire you are dealing with is crucial, as some extinguishers may be ineffective or even aggravate the fire.

Also, it’s important that your staff are aware and fully trained in the best fire safety procedures such as fire evacuation, especially when dealing with a large number of visitors at one time. Getting everyone out safely and efficiently is down to good practice.

Keep your leisure centre fire-safe

Being prepared in the event of a fire and having the most appropriate fire-fighting equipment at your leisure centre is the best way to keep your premises fire-safe.

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